Monday, January 25, 2010

Thing i hate about fim personalities !!!

Thing I hate about film personalities:

Film personalities look good on screen performing there job of entertaining the public and they work hard for it and earn good handsome income which they rightly deserve and i respect that and also the biggest proud thing is that our countries film industry is the biggest in the world but sometimes it becomes more than entertainment.

I dont judge any actor or actress and i am also not educating them , i am just mentioning out and really its important to have a look on this matter which i want to raise.

Our country progress is based on the leaders we choose and if some how we choosed the wrong people then we will not be able to achieve what we want and like always our country would be left deprived of real hard working people and leaders who can make our country again that golden bird.

I Know half of you might not like to read it up because we find other topics more interesting than this because we do not care about our country and i feel shame in telling that that we all lack nationalism. We really do lack.

Now its time to be serious and read carefully what i want to convey. At the time of elections i have been noticing that now its kind of a fashion to invite these celebrities for election campaigns.

I know the reason behind this is to persuade the public in favour of casting their votes.
I know film personalities are from big glamour world and they have great lifestyle and they live excellent life full of media attention.

There songs are popular , they do all that adventurous stuff that normal people cant and they really influence the public and act as their role model.

I guess thats why they are choosen as main campaign weapon by all these candidates who stand in elections.

But do you ever think that how much harm this thing is doing us???

Is their campaigning good for our democratic society???

I guess its not favouring us in any case. These celebs are always confined to a particular field not they are not related to reality. So whatever they will say in the campaign in their professional style , is not much of practicle use to voters.

I admit that they are very good speakers and they can attract people. But it dosent make them excellent in their political canvassing.

I think they should abstain from election campaigning unless they themsleves contest for elections. The thing is the candidate knows the actual problem of the voters of concerned area so if that candidate will be elected then that candidate has to work to sort out the problems.

Celebs will not work to sort out the problems of voters. They are from different arena so they are hardly related to the problem of particular area. They are just hired and its obivious that they have to go from one place to another.

Theses celebs only provide glamour at the election campaign, i guess elections must be taken as serious business where issues will be debated and problems will be disclosed instead of calling upon the film celebs and creating a superficial atmosphere.

These celebs make a token appearance for the sake of friendship or whatever the reason is but they should abstain from campaigning and should only look towards their job of entertaining.

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