Sunday, January 17, 2010

Height of Greedyness

Height of greedyness

Its a story about a greedy man who could even sell his wife for money. Unfortuantly he is my neighbour. He is blessed with three mean , sarcastic and asshole boys. He was always a piece of shit but still i used to greet him but i didnt knew that he is a dirty pain of ass.

His boys are ugly like him. His third boy was like a mouse so no girl was interested in him. My family biggest mistake was that we helped them and got his third mouse engaged with a girl.

I guess you might be thinking that why i am being so angry. when you will read the whole blog you will also say that he is a asshole or may be more.

The surprising thing was that they didnt even invited us in the wedding. No body is greedy for wedding food everyone demands respect. When my family did so much for them then we atleast needed respect in return.

After his third mouse got married and the girl came to their house , things became more worse. The guardian of that boy came to our house and started a big fight.

He said that he got 1lakh less than the agreed amount on dowry. we said that "you have not invited us and we were not present in your money deals also. so we are not responsible for less 1lakh."

The bride's father also came up and he said that "i have given 1lakh extra in dowry. so it was a cat fight but we wanted to make ourselves away from that crap.

This guy was so greedy and he didnt have shame that he got a daughter in law for his mouse . I guess its too much but he was a dowry loving person. His everyday job was to come to our home and to say that get my 1lakh recovered.

we were finding it hard and we were really surprised to see this greedy person. Finally we said that we cant help you out in this. If you want 1lakh more than talk to them at your own. I am still surprised to see people like this , these people are a real pain in the ass.

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