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I call joint family as Jf. I think this horrible and dangerous word should be too small. I have never been into this joint family system. I was but at that time i was a child.
I really dont remember much but i have seen a lot of it in movies and heard it from some of my friends who hate this and some who love this. They really had different experiences.
I always had been in a nuclear family and that was fantastic with immense freedom and only very less people to question you.
I never saw or felt the life full of relatives . I mean its so visible thing. I mean you are always in front of someone or the other eye. There were too much of demirts of joint family that i felt . I really dont know about you , may be you think like me or may be not. Here is the list of demirts of JF:

Demerit No. 1 As i mentioned earlier you are always visible. There is plenty of people to have a watch on you. Its good but sometimes you really dont like that.

2. You really cant eat properly. Common people can you eat properly when so many people are starring at your food ? I cant .

3. No privacy: certainly this word really disappears. It has further branches which will let you know what your real privacy means if you are a grown up...heres the following:

1.)I mean you cant talk dirty with your loved one

2.) you cant masturbate if you share room

3.) you cant watch porn on net

4.)you cant bring blue films.

5.) you cant have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend or

6.) you cant kill your time on stupid things like chatting or doing some other free jobs.

7.) you cant irritate your stupid friends on phone.

8.) you cant you cant you cant there is full of you cant thing.

4. There are too many responsibilities. I mean anyone can order you besides your parents..that go bring this or that in between your favourite television show or anyother weird stuff you do.

5. Too many suggestions and opinions. Your realtives will definatly interfare in your life and in your personal affairs. They will give less potential and less dedication towards there kids but will be focused to screw you up. I know some of you dont believe it but one day you will .

6. Less pocket money: its obivious that your parents must be giving there salary share in joint family. So definatly you will get less of it and you will be left deprived for your lousy stuff.

7. Taunts: Aha ! dont forget that. If you are slightly overweight then be ready to get yourself kicked with huge lectures or if you are too thin then again with diplomatic lectures and by chance you are moderate then lousy lectures.

8. Jealousy : your siblings might be jealous of you and of your beauty , now dont smile i really didnt mean that. I mean if you are goodlooking , if you think that then really you might be having a tendency to look good and if your siblings are ugly word is too much ..hmmm lets say if they are less goodlooking..oh man whatever then they will really create controversy for you in advance..dont believe me ? try your face.

9. If you have 1 tv or ok add one more then also there would be a day when you will miss out your programme becuase your cousin wants to see cartoon network or any other older member wants to see drama and you will lose your golden chance of watching splits villa or anyother time wasting show whatever. I know recaps come but who wants to wait for recaps ?may be you...cant say..

10. Your vehicle whatever you have scooty or car or cycle or be used in joint venture. So keep on waiting.

11. And the most important if you dont like your siblings then you have to suffer them for whole life..feels disgusting.

12. You cant choose your goal so easly..everyone is there to interfare.

13. you cant hangout much with friends.

14. too many explanations..whatever

now i am tired of thinking and writing this horrible biography of joint family stay nuclear stay free...

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