Tuesday, December 22, 2009

some of my childhood incidents

I am hereby disclosing some of my childhood incidents that really make me laugh out loud. So i wished to share them with you. Enjoy !!!

Incident 1.)
There was a girl in lkg. She used to pee and didnt used to wash her hands and then she used to chase me to touch me with her dirty hands. It was happening everyday in lunch break. I know i was hot since my childhood but that dosent mean that she should do something like this.

It was really very weird thing. I really needed to do something. I was a big big candy fan at that time. I mean i could do anything for a candy ( at that time not now).I remember once in lunch break i saw a lizard on the floor.

My friends were really stupid , they offered me this stupid tempting bet that if i will take this lizard and throw it on anyone , they will give me a candy. I dont know, first i was not ready but then the bet was raised and finally stopped at 4 candies.
Now my taste buds were ordering me to do that silly task and the real man inside my small body was awake. I pulled her from the tale and they were asking me to throw it on anyone. Boom suddenly that silly girl came and she was teasing me and again and again she was saying that" i havnt washed my hands and i am gona touch you hear and there.."
I was smiling inside. I knew this time that she really needs to get a good lesson. I didnt waited for a secound and i blessed her with my gratitude by throwing that lizard on her head..lol..i still laugh on that thing. It was a good lesson she really deserved..lol..and after that she really didnt tried anything to irritate me.

Incident 2.)

As i was a candy fan. My secound incident is also connected to candy. I was in a park playing with my friends. Those friends were really kind of piece of shit. They were having a misconception that i am weak.
So they knowingly used to tease me by saying "you are a girl bla bal bla". And on that day in park one of them said that if you will punch me , i will give you 2 candies. Oh man why he used this candy word. Although his parents were in the park and i was the one alone.
But he was really teasing me with his stupid friends. You know "what i did ?" I really punched him and soon blood started coming from his mouth because his dirty milk teeth was broken and man i was really scared . I asked him " now where are my candies?" but that stupid boy started crying at louder scale . Soon his vocal cords were getting really high and his pitch was irritating as always. His parents were coming towards him and then i ran away. He still owes those 2 candies but what the hell..lol

Soon i will disclose more interesting incidents like this.

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