Thursday, December 24, 2009

Relatives are Real Assholes

Relatives are real assholes !!!

I always thought of this joint family concept and was infact liking it to some extent because it has tremendous benefits. Your liabilities , responsibilities , your efforts , your problems everything is shared and you never find yourself lonely but besides these benefits joint family sucks.

It sucks more than anything in the world. Relatives are parasites , yes they really are. I dont know about yours and i dont wish to judge you or your family but really in most of the cases i heard from my friends and including my case , joint family really sucks and is the most stupid concept.

I am really angry right now. I really hate my relatives. When you try to be nice to others you will only get hate , disrespect , insult , criticism and attitude in return. And thats what happened to me. I really loved my realtives and treated them like my parents and really obeyed them in every way and did my best to fullfill there desires and also tried my ass hard to do everything that really makes them happy. But they really acted like assholes.

I know i should not use this word but really if you will read the whole blog you will call them i dont know what but more than assholes. My realtives believe in child marriage and this stupid belief came up to them for me. They really wished that i should get married at my teen age. I am badly forced by them to do the stuff they desire. It was ok but when everything was going beyond my control. I really was adjusting but the things they did was childish , arrogant and F*** irritating.

First of all they targeted my career . They suggested my father to put me into work at the age of 18 and they even suggested that i should quit studies. They say that studies are waste of time and money and they think that i should not waste my precious time in that and i should focus on other more important stuff. I was so grateful to hear that and i asked them that why they cant share this wonderful idea with their kids. But as we all know it was just a step to ruin me. They were really not wasting any single damn chance .

Secound target was my life. They suggested to my father that i should get married to a homly girl and uneducated girl was most appropriate for them. They say early marriage will make my of crap !!! how early marriage can help..? i guess it will only help in sexual

Third target was me. They really started teasing me and satrted passing very inhuman , worse than ever reamarks. First these taunts were in private and soon they made them in public. If they saw me with any of my friends or anyone who is really good to me. they really not leave me alone there and pass out nastiest comments than ever anyone could take.

Fourth target to my respect. I was like kind of slave for them. There is a way you speak to anyone but i was really got to hear what servants too wont take. i told them "talk to me politely like you talk to your kids" and "if you will treat me like a slave , i can also treat you like a enemy." but as usual they were stubborn.

Fifth target was my heart. They knew that i am not gona take there shit for long so tears were the real good measure to make me do what they want. And infact i was really considering there

Sixth target was the combination of these five targets. And till now i am used to this shit. Infact kind of addicted to it now. I guess thats why i call them real assholes on this planet.

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