Friday, December 25, 2009


Love rejection now !!!
Rejection : what it really means..? are you really the one to be rejected? have you faced rejection? how many times? have you rejected anyone? All these questions used to revolve around my head everytime since very long. I really hated rejection in every way. Always wanted to be known and accepted .
But its not in my hand. Rejection was something i really couldnt take it. I thought its the most worst form of being neglected by anyone. And i thought that it really really matters in my life but i guess i was damn hard wrong.
I remember because i was little out of shape i was rejected by my friends , by my relatives and even by those who i treated as more than friends. And it was really horrible. I used to get so upset at that time but didnt never tried to know its real side.
But when i knew it i was the most contended person in the whole world. Rejection is not at all bad. And if anyone rejects you that dosent mean that you are less than anyone. Its a step to change , to improve yourself . Infact an opportunity to make yourself the best of all.
I remember i was rejected by a hot chick because of looks, earlier i took it so hard and i really felt pathetic but now i really wish to thank because i knew i really not deserved that person and that chick was also not the lucky one to get a jem like me. I am not at all praising myself.
The point is we never know" how we are? and where we stand? ". Our perfection is not judged by our friends , its judged by our enemies. I remember i started working very much not only on my body but also on myself as a human and it really made me what i never expected. Now i really dont care about rejection .
I take it as a reward asking me to improve more and giving me a new chance to figure out myself more . I Really dont give right to anyone to judge me or to suggest me anything. I know i am perfect for myself and i also know that to make myself deserving for anyone i like i need efforts and that also depends on the person you are dating.
I dont reject on the basis of faces, i guess faces really dont speak much about the person. I know its hard to make that choice but not compeletely. Sometimes i even not like the person having bollywood pasted on his face and sometimes i really love the person having the most horrible face profile.
We raelly cant make ourself compeletely addicted to the outside skin. I guess being funny , helpful , creative are the important qualitites to make yourself beautiful. If i meet anyone having these qualities i really dont take a single minute to make that person mine even if that person is a guy or girl or young or old or kid. The innerself speaks.
If the person is bad then you really cant taste his skin. And i dont believe in kissing the ass. Work is beautiful not the face. Thinking like this was a big change and was not easy either. I reject 1o people everyday who really show attitude and infact are obssesed with it.
And i also get rejected by these people. So it goes like that. This is just a game so you gotta have to keep on playing. Choose those who really belongs to you. Cute face will only give you fucking pain and horrible face may be as sweet as honey. I am not saying that everybody is like that its viceversa. So just believe in yourself because you know you are the best...

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