Friday, November 20, 2009


Friendship never exist. What is friendship? I dont know. If you think there are friends who love you ,who care about you , who are there for you,then i think you are mistaken. A friend is a person who brightens our day , a friend is a greater blessing , a friend who knows our every mood , a friend who is good not only in front but also behind our back..blah! blah! blah!...what is this?? it's all bookish talk.

Earlier i used to believe blindly in this friendship game and that belief hurt me a lot. Now I hate this word. If anyone asks me about it i really get irritated. I never had friends in childhood. The friends I had were not friends , they were something else ,which I never thought of. They would be innocent on my face and would laugh at me behind my back. But the misconception they had was that I am stupid.

If you choose friends for fulfilling your motive or your dream then I think you are a great and most intellectual business man. Today no one is there for anyone. Love, emotions , sentiments, care, these words are for those who don't want success in life. Those who are seeking success only believe in being selfish. Just selfish!

If your friends only remember you when they need money or some help or any of their work is pending then they are not friends. It clearly means that they are using you. I don't say that friends are not for help , they actually are.. but in a limit. If you are not able to help any of your friend because of some/any damn good reason and your friend does not believe that or does not trust you then he/she is not your friend in your next impossible dream.

Today people are after three things and that's "Money , sex and fame " .So they don't value friendship and its importance. We all are like that. We are ready to let others down, we are always keen to make our friends jealous by flaunting our achievements or things symbolizing our success. We even want to reach on top and love to see our friends small in front of us.. Is this friendship??? this is worse than anything.

In fact enemies are better than friends atleast you know that they are not the ones you can trust.

Can you trust your friends? can you tell them your problems and your secrets???

No you cant because its not a friendship its a business deal . We only allow those people to enter our friend circle from whom we can get anything or we sometimes think that he/she has this or that business so this can be beneficial in future.

We are selfish. yes we all are selfish.

Do we miss our friends???

No we don't! we miss our pending work , we miss the money our friend used to lend us/ spend on us , we miss our work which was done just like that.

Today I don't trust anyone. yes i have friends but just friends who i know. Its just like knowing a stranger, not more than that.

I remember my mother died when i was in 8th standard. I never had any friend at that time. My classmates were showing grief but in real they really didn't care. It was a big and a very bitter experience for me. I started eating lot of junk food because no one was there at my home to make food. And i became an overweight kid and that thing did wonders to my life. not only my classmates but also people who i used to call friends started hating me like anything. They really behaved like they are made with silk and cream and i am some kind of cheap trash . I remember they used to ignore me and they would pretend to feel ashamed while sitting with me. Nobody cared about why I had become overweight, nobody ever ever thought of the problems I faced. Every body used to tease me .No body had the basic courtesy that someone's mother died just an year ago so we should atleast keep our mouth shut if we can't help. But I guess they really wished for something else. No body cares for no one. But I thank that excess flesh which i got from that food which showed me the real friends and in fact the real world. I lost the weight i gained but i will never forget the experience i got.

We select friends like we are purchasing a mobile for us. First of all we will look out for its beauty. Ya its true! Good looking people are chosen first for friendship, nobody gives any thought to the behavior of the person .Then we satisfy ourselves that "Ya this person will look good walking with us" and then we move forward to see their other qualities. " Bullshit!!"

Are we purchasing our friends???

I guess we are. But we're also giving a big amount for that friendship.

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